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Learning opportunities can be found on this page, as well as on our K-12 OMS Event Registration System.  Click on the link for any professional learning event on this page, and you'll be launched to the event's registration page.

For more information email Justin Paredes or call (559) 651-3031 Ext 3359. 


In order to register for and attend any of our listed learning opportunities, you will need to have a free K-12 Organizational Management (OMS) account.  Please visit here to create your account.

Frederick Douglas Family Initiative

it’s been 150 years since the 13th Amendment was ratified. Here's your chance to celebrate how the amendment helped bring both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution into line with our belief that we are all "created equal.” The celebration begins with a service-learning curriculum for secondary schools nationwide called, Globalize 13. It looks at the historical importance of the 13th Amendment while presenting lessons about the slavery that still exists in our global supply chains. 

Teachers can register for and download the free digital service-learning curriculum at