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Mastering the Common Core: We Have the Practices

The Math Forum has conducted professional development since 1992 on the use of technology in the math classroom for the development of the mathematical practices now featured in the Common Core State Standards. Click here or or the image to find courses that contain the collective wisdom of math leaders from around the country who have participated in these programs.

FINAL ELD & NGSS, Math Standards Correspondences Available

In response to Assembly Bill (AB) 899, requiring that the ELD Standards be comparable in rigor and specificity to the standards for mathematics and science, State Superintendent Tom Torlakson contracted with WestEd to review the mathematics and science academic content standards and ensure that the language demands inherent in these content standards are adequately addressed by the CA ELD Standards. 

WestEd conducted a study to determine the correspondences between the California ELD Standards and the standards for math and science, in an attempt to identify modifications (or augmentations) necessary to the California ELD Standards. 

The FINAL version of the correspondences is now available, and can be downloaded here for viewing.