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Mastering the Common Core: We Have the Practices

The Math Forum has conducted professional development since 1992 on the use of technology in the math classroom for the development of the mathematical practices now featured in the Common Core State Standards. Click here or or the image to find courses that contain the collective wisdom of math leaders from around the country who have participated in these programs.

Math PD Opportunities

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Learning opportunities can be found on this page, as well as on our K-12 OMS Event Registration System.  Click on the link for any PD event on this page, and you'll be launched to the event's registration page.

For PD Information, contact:

Saul Altamirano
(559) 651-3031 Ext. 3340

Evelin Lopez
(559) 651-3031 Ext. 3338

Math PD Highlights

What's My Place? What's My Value? with Decimals

Learn strategies to create a powerful routine that will deepen student understanding of the base-ten number system with a focus on decimals. Routines will be modeled and connections will be made to the California Mathematics Standards. “What’s My Place? What’s My Value ?” pieces by Debby Head and Libby Pollet will be used to develop a conceptual understanding when adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with decimals.

Informational flyer

Grades 4-6 - Mar 21, 2017 - Registration link

Cost: $125 per participant

Audience:  Mathematics teachers, coaches, administrators