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by Laura Gonzalez

Presented at the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE)
March 30-31, 2017

ELD Learning Highlights

Dead Presidents and Whales: Engaging Students with Nonfiction Text

January 24, 2018

With renewed emphasis on reading nonfiction texts, teachers face a challenge. While many students enjoy (or prefer) nonfiction texts, some express disinterest or avoidance. How can we engage students with nonfiction when students’ past reading experiences may be limited to dry textbook reading and research report assignments?

Donalyn Miller will share instructional moves and conferring tips for engaging students with nonfiction (or any genre they avoid), including a look at newer nonfiction titles, authors, and formats, as well as online resources. In addition, Donalyn will share the classroom conditions and instructional practices that inspire and motivate her students to read and the traditional practices that may inhibit students’ reading.

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