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The learning goes on! For 2020, Tulare County Office of Education has adapted its annual Reading Revolution event to encompass virtual learning and sharing opportunities.  Students can share their images and/or presentations with our Student Events team, and we will post them on this site for others to view and learn from.

Event Details

faqsEvent Contact

Paula Terrill - Student Event Coordinator

Event Date

Registration and projects are due by May 21, 2020

Who can participate?

This event is open only to schools who previously registered to participate in Reading Revolution Elementary or Middle School divisions

Registration Form

Each participating student must register online at

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about this event.

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Creating Your Presentation

Create your presentation as you normally would, whether a slide-based or online presentation, hand-built model or full-size real-life example.

Be sure not to show your faces in the video. Your privacy is important to us! For slide-based or online presentations, you can screen-cast yourself clicking through the presentation while providing narration.

Sharing Your Presentation

Once your presentation video has been created, you can share it with us in a variety of ways: 

  • With the help of your parents, you can create a YouTube channel and post your video there. You can set your video to Hidden, which means only people who have the link to your video can view it. Email the link to your YouTube video, or...
  • Create a Google Drive folder and upload your finished video to it. Share the video using the following settings: Anyone with the Link - Can View. Email the link to your video file.