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Math PD Opportunities

Putting It All Together: Mathematics (Grade 5)

  • Dates: 18 – 18 Feb, 2020
  • Location: Visalia
  • Address: 7000 W Doe Avenue, Suite A

Curriculum, standards, assessment, instructional strategies, math practices: How do we put it all together in a way that makes the mathematics come alive for your students? 

These sessions are structured to address your questions when you need answers most. 

  • How do you use your curriculum (district adopted or created)? 
  • How do you develop students with a deep understanding of mathematics? 
  • How do you implement powerful strategies to support all learners? 
  • How do you prepare students for the rigor of the SBAC assessments? 

This four-day series is designed to provide year-long support and opportunities to collaborate with other 5th grade teachers to empower student math learning. 

Attend the entire series or select individual sessions. 

Session 1: Problem Solving and Fluency with Whole Numbers and Decimals  (NBT, OA, and MD) - August 27, 2019 

Session 2: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions (NF) - October 10, 2019 

Session 3: Multiplication and Division of Fractions (NF) - February 18, 2020 

Session 4: Geometry and Measurement (G) - March 24, 2020 

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