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Social Studies Consultant

Gay Atmajian
(559) 651-3031 Ext. 3358

New! Literacy in Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects Bookmarks

We've just finalized our Bookmarks for Literacy in Social Studies, Science and Technical Subjects, extensions of our popular ELA bookmarks.  While we work on adding them to our database, please feel free to download them from here: Grades 6-8 RH WHST Grades 9-10 RH WHST  Grades 11-12 RH WHST 

Guidance for states to use in enhancing their standards for rigor in civics, economics, geography, and history in K-12 schools.

Exciting Opportunity for California Educators to Work with the Creators of the
Question Formulation Technique

We are inspired by the new stories we hear every day from around the world about how the Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is transforming classrooms and helping students come alive with questions. Many of these stories, like the ones below, come from California.  The Right Question Institute will be in San Jose from January 27-28 for a special opportunity to share and strengthen the expertise of the California educators already doing innovative work with the QFT and to support the work of educators who would like to learn the strategy for the first time.  Learn more about the Right Question Conference and register here...

Join local teachers, administrators, and teacher educators for the first in a series of programs designed to introduce California’s History-Social Science Framework. These roll-out events are the result of collaboration between the California Department of Education (CDE), the State Board of Education (SBE), the California County Superintendents Educational Services Association (CCSESA), and in partnership with the California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP).

These interactive and engaging one-day conferences across California offer time to collaborate with other educators, as well as state, regional, and local HSS leaders. Participants will leave with classroom-ready instructional materials, and a full-day examination of the instructional shifts, updated and expanded content, aligning HSS instruction with the ELA/ELD Framework, and inquiry-based instruction across grade levels.

Click here or on the banner (above) to learn more and to register.

Grant-funded PD Opportunity: Tools for Tolerance for Educators

Tools for Tolerance® for Educators customized programs are designed to advance anti-bias education and the creation of inclusive and equitable schools. Innovative methods promote self-reflection, critical thinking and social action planning.  The program is set in the unique immersive, high-tech learning environment of the Museum of Tolerance where participants become witnesses to history, explore the dynamics of diversity and democracy, and are motivated to assume responsibility for positive change.

Programs are offered in 1 or 2-day formats. Lunch and materials are included.  There's a grant available to pay for travel, hotel, tuition and materials! is a technical platform and list of challenge and prize competitions, run by more than 70 agencies across federal government. These include technical, scientific, ideation, and creative competitions where the U.S. government seeks innovative solutions from the public, bringing the best ideas and talent together to solve mission-centric problems.

You will find hundreds of competitions that cover a wide range of interests and require varying levels of skills and abilities in order to participate. You can discover something of interest to you, sorting by type of challenge and by the agency hosting the competition. They are listed in chronological order, from most recent launched to older, closed competitions going back to 2010.

Georgia Social Studies Journal - A Great Quarterly Read!

The Georgia Social Studies Journal
 is a peer-reviewed, online quarterly journal dedicated to a wide array of topics that benefit elementary and secondary social studies teachers and teacher educators. 

As a forum for discussing social studies education, The Georgia Social Studies Journal welcomes submissions from researchers, scholars, and practitioners animated by the ideas, perspectives, and methods that lead to quality social studies teaching and learning. 

Articles published in the Journal generally fall into one of two categories:  pedagogical strategies and techniques in social studies classrooms, and research studies and essays that provide perspectives on topics of value to social studies teachers and teacher educators.