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Bilingual Authorization Test Prep Services - Culture and Context

    02/06/2019 16:00:00

  • Location: Visalia
  • Address: 7000 W Doe Avenue, Willow Room

Is your school considering dual language instruction? Are you a teacher who is Spanish-English bilingual and aspires to teach in a dual language setting?

Dual language learning reaps both academic and social benefits. With California’s new EL Roadmap policy, CA EdGE Initiative, and Global California 2030 all taking shape, districts are making big plans for dual language programs in their schools for the benefit of students!

In order to teach in a dual language setting, teachers must have add on Bilingual Authorization (formerly BCLAD) completed through coursework or testing.

TCOE is pleased to partner with Fresno State to offer a test prep series to provide foundational learning for already-bilingual, already-credentialed Spanish-speaking teachers who plan to add on Bilingual Authorization via the CSET-LOTE Subtest III, IV, and V*. Three test prep series will be offered to address the content of each subtest required for Bilingual Authorization to prepare for Spanish dual language classroom instruction.

Bilingual Education and Bilingualism conducted in English in preparation for Subtest IV:  Jan. 16, Jan. 23, and Jan. 30

Culture and Context conducted in English in preparation for Subtest V:  Feb. 6, Feb. 13, and Feb. 20

Spanish Language and Communication conducted in Spanish in preparation for Subtest III:
  Mar. 6, Mar. 13, and Mar. 20

This series will address English and Spanish content knowledge necessary to pass the CSET-LOTE Subtest III, IV, and V**, including academic language and communication competencies in Spanish, background on bilingual education and bilingualism, and socio-cultural context.

If your school is considering launching a dual language program within the next 5 years, it’s time to ready your pool of authorized bilingual teachers. Join us as we prepare valley educators for the wonderful world of dual language education!

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