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ELD PD Opportunities

ELD in Action: Planning Robust Designated ELD Lessons, Gr. K-6

    12/13/2018 08:30:00

  • Location: Visalia
  • Address: 7000 W Doe Avenue, Suite A Willow Room
If you’ve built a foundation around the California ELD Standards, language objectives, and EL strategies, you’re ready to piece it all together!

This professional learning session will guide teachers and coaches in the design of comprehensive Designated ELD instruction. We’ll calibrate our understanding of D-ELD, identify language demands of content, choose English Language Development standards, and build language objectives to develop lively lessons that connect meaningful interaction and a growing understanding of academic language across proficiency levels.

Participants will bring their own resources (texts, content area lessons, ELA units, etc.) and we’ll work together to create lessons that “build into and from content instruction in order to develop critical language ELs need for content learning in English.” Teaching teams are encouraged to attend and plan together.

You will receive:

  • A bound copy of California’s ELD standards book, K-12
  • Templates for daily and weekly lesson plans 
  • Guidance and support in Designated ELD lesson design