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Learning opportunities can be found on this page, as well as on our K-12 OMS Event Registration System.  Click on the link for any PD event on this page, and you'll be launched to the event's registration page.

For more information email Laura Gonzalez or call her at (559) 651-3031 Ext 3352.  For registration assistance, email Ame Quinonez or call her at (559) 651-3031 Ext 3362.

ELA Professional Learning Highlights

Grammar & Mechanics for the 21st Century Learner
(Grades 3-12)

Ready to toss those tired worksheets and instead try fresh, effective, and fun ways to teach grammar and mechanics?

This session will explore approaches to teaching the expectations of grammar and language conventions called for by the California Standards for ELA/Literacy.

We will focus on application of the Language Standards in context for integrated literacy learning that sticks. We’ll learn techniques like using mentor text and routines such as Sentence of the Week. Let’s move away from the teaching of discrete skills in isolation, and plan for teaching toward application and improvement of skills in writing and speaking with the added benefit of students actually enjoying grammar and mechanics.

Participants will receive a copy of Everyday Editing by Jeff Anderson.

DECEMBER 7, 2018

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