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California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

Common Core Connect - TOMS Informational Page

What is TOMS?

TOMS, or the Test Operations Management System, is a secure website that allows Local Educational Agency (LEA) CAASPP Coordinators to perform a variety of tasks related to the CAASPP Assessment system.  The CAASPP Assessment system includes the Smarter Balanced online Summative Assessments, the Science based paper & pencil tests, and the paper & pencil primary language tests in RLA.

LEA CAASPP Coordinators will be able to perform the following tasks in TOMS:
  • Manage testing windows for the LEA
  • Verify contact information, address information, and e-mail addresses
  • Place orders for all LEA paper-pencil materials
  • Add test settings (accommodations, designated supports) and indicate which students are taking which paper-pencil tests
  • Submit online appeals
  • Enter and manage the LEA's Technology Coordinator, Test Site Coordinator, and Test Administrator access to TOMS
User guides and instructions for TOMS can be found at .

Gaining Access to TOMS

TOMS can be accessed online at  If you do not have a login to TOMS, speak to your CAASPP Test Site Coordinator.

Lead Education Agencies (LEA) CAASPP Coordinators may access TOMS only after the proper designation and security forms have been submitted to the California Technical Assistance Center (CalTAC):

  • the "Superintendent's Designation of LEA CAASPP Coordinator for the 2015-2016 School Year", and
  • the "2015-2016 CAASPP Test Security Agreement for LEA CAASPP Coordinators and CAASPP Test Site Coordinators."

TOMS-related forms can be found in the column to the left, as well as online.

Individual Student Assessment Accessibility Tool (ISAAP)

The ISAAP process represents a thoughtful and systematic approach to addressing student access needs for the Smarter Balanced Assessments and for the California Alternative Assessments.  The ISAAP process includes preparatory steps, a step for creating the ISAAP itself, and steps that allow educators to check that designated supports and accommodations are entered correctly into the test engine.

You can download the ISAAP Tool here, or using the links in the column to the left.