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Administrator PD Opportunities

Social and Emotional Learning Through the Arts

    12/05/2018 08:30:00

  • Location: Visalia
  • Address: 7000 W Doe Avenue, Suite A Willow Room

Discover how the Visual and Performing Arts can support the social and emotional learning needs of every child.

The arts can provide:
  • an equitable, culturally responsive eduction
  • academic, social, and emotional learning
  • a safe, engaging, and inclusive environment (CASEL 2018)
This interactive professional learning session will highlight a range of hands-on activities and research-based strategies to engage learners of all ages and abilities. Educators will learn how to utilize the arts as a tool for promoting student health and wellness while improving school climate and culture. Focusing on self-awareness and creative expression, this workshop will inspire participants to find their unique voice.

Workshop Alignment:
  • California Content Standards - Visual and Performing Arts & Health Education
  • California’s Social and Emotional Learning Guiding Principles, (CASEL 2018)
  • Tulare County Arts Master Plan
  • Local Control Funding Formula Priorities 1-8