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Administrator PD Opportunities

BELIEF - Blueprints for Effective Leadership and Instruction for our English learners' Future

    11/14/2018 08:30:00

  • Location: Visalia
  • Address: 7000 W Doe Avenue, Sequoia Room
Does your Dashboard data suggest your EL student group needs a new kind of attention?

More than 28% of our local students are English learners. We must attend to the specific language needs of these students as we aim to improve the overall achievement of our learners.

The B E L I E F professional learning modules are designed to support district and site administrators in leading the change — building and refining the EL programs within their systems. This comprehensive overview of systems for EL programs and ELD implementation is designed with leadership teams in mind.

2018-19 Cohort:
Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. |  New One-Day Overview

The updated one-day workshop will support the time-challenged team by providing an overview of the seven B.E.L.I.E.F. modules, including the new Module 6 on differentiating support for EL student groups including Newcomers and Long-term ELs.  This session will include:

  • current EL & ELD research; 
  • opportunities to deepen understanding of Integrated and Designated ELD;
  • an introduction to activities to analyze, reflect upon, and refine programs for English learners; 
  • ideas to use with staff to support implementation;
  • and connections to the ELPAC and California’s new English Learner Roadmap policy
Module Topics:

  • Module 0: Introduction, ELD Foundation
  • Module 1: Integrated & Designated ELD
  • Module 2: Systems for EL Programs
  • Module 3: What ELD Looks & Sounds Like Today
  • Module 4: Monitoring EL Progress 
  • Module 5: Continuous Improvement of EL Programs 
  • Module 6: Meeting the Diverse Needs of ELs
Teams are strongly encouraged to attend together to apply their learning to their own contexts.

Is your system prepared to lead the change to best support English learners?

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