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There's still time for your 7-12 grade students to register!  This is an opportunity for students to use their technology knowledge to create a Google Maps history trip, an online interactive poster or digital infographic, a STEM-related website, or an iMovie book trailer.  Students will receive a prompt the morning of the competition, then using the tool of their choice, they will complete the given challenge. 

Event date:  April 29th. For more information, or to register your students, visit our website or download the event flyer.

Professional Development Catalog

We continue to offer incredibly valuable training opportunities for school and district leadership teams as well as classroom teachers. 

Using our Professional Development Catalog, find ways to add emerging technologies to your curriculum, ensuring you are on the right path toward Common Core success, and incorporating 21st Century skills and learning techniques into your classroom.

Learn how you can also register electronically for Fresno Pacific University continuing education units for TCOE PD courses.

Content areas are color-coded for handy reference, and descriptions updated to ensure you know exactly what you'll need to help reach your school and/or district's PD-based goals. 


Instructional Rounds Training Available

Instructional Rounds introduces educational leaders to the key principles and practices of an effective classroom-oriented approach to observing, analyzing, and improving teaching and learning

This one-day training will provide school teams with the necessary tools to begin the Instructional Rounds process.  

May 20 8:30 am - 3:30 pm  Informational flyer
Location:  Educational Resource Services, 7000 Doe Avenue, Visalia
Audience:  Teachers, Coaches, Administrators

Cost:  $125, includes materials and lunch  Register online here

Intro to Tulare County Office of Education's pblCORE

To learn more about pblCORE, our innovative Project Based Learning program, visit our pblCORE page.

The Heart of Coaching

This three-day professional development series is designed for administrators, academic coaches, and teacher leaders interested in further developing their communication and feedback skills in order to support strategic implementation initiatives.  Informational flyer


Cohort 1: Completed
Cohort 2: Completed
Cohort 3: Apr 22-23 & May 21

The Curriculum Council format has undergone an extensive revision process resulting not only in a new name, but more importantly, an emphasis in a providing administrators, instructional coaches, and teacher leaders a structured forum in which to engage in conversations and collaborative efforts focused upon improving student learning.  

A discussion topic for each of the five Tulare County Learning & Leadership Forum can be found here.  The selected discussion topics are based on John Hattie’s Visible Learning for Teachers,  a synthesis of the results of more than 15 years’ research involving millions of students and representing the largest collection of evidence-based research to answer the question: "how do we maximize achievement in our schools?”  

ERS consultants will facilitate the forums and provide concise summaries of Hattie’s big ideas relative to each discussion topic, thus, it is not necessary to read the text as a participation requirement . As before, there is no fee to attend forum sessions, but participants are asked to register via OMS.

CDE Searchable Database of CCSS Resources

California Department of Education has made available Common Core Search, an online searchable database that will permit stakeholders at all phases of implementation to easily access the high-quality resources they need to support local implementation efforts.  The database allows users to employ filters and a keyword search to quickly find the resources they are seeking.

This once-a-month PLC provides an opportunity for collaboration, sharing of resources, problem solving, discussion of appropriate developmental stages of kindergarteners, and implementation of instructional strategies focusing on the Kindergarten Common Core State Standards.  


Digital Chalkboard Content Literacy Module 

The Content Literacy in History/Social Studies K-5 module provides kindergarten through grade five (K–5) classroom teachers with information, resources, and strategies to implement the California Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects (CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy) in the history/social studies curriculum. 


New Transitional K Resources!

CCSS Walkthrough Feedback Form Available

Our consulting team has developed a useful walkthrough tool, built using the Forms tool within Google Drive.  This form allows you to choose an emphasis on Literacy Instructional Shifts, Mathematics Instructional Shifts, or 21st Century Skills, and offers feedback for teachers to hone their skills.  

The form is not intended to be an evaluative tool, and both teacher and observer can use the tool together for the benefit of the teacher and students.

If you'd like to receive a copy of the CCSS Walkthrough Feedback Form to edit and use for your own district or school, please email Steve Woods for more information and assistance.

We're not alone in seeing the value of creating walkthrough tools using Google.  Read Michael Graham's article on TICAL to see another method of gathering classroom data using your mobile device.